Sarah Mina C (31/05/1980) grew up in Belgium. At an early age, it became clear she was intent on creating new worlds in her head, fantastic universes with different laws and logics, mythic, fantastic, mysterious. As a child, she brought these worlds to life through drawings and stories, but as soon as adulthood made its entry, Sarah Mina developed an interest in other art forms. Her first encounter with the medium of photography struck her as a bolt of lightning: this was what she truly wanted to do, this was what would become her passion. It was during her studies in journalism that Sarah Mina became fascinated by still images and by their unique capacity to capture the unnameable and to distil the magical. Finally she decided to continue her passion for photography with an education at the academy of Leuven. Sarah Mina has participated in different exhibitions (Strangers' Intimacy, ...) and her style is somewhat dark and sad, somewhat light and dreamy, somewhat decadent and always highly symbolic.Nowadays she is focused on portraits and landscapes.